I feel like this weekend was dubbed “The Weekend to Complete All Projects”. I seriously feel like I accomplished 2 big projects (and 2 very minor ones)which have been staring me down the past few weeks.

The biggest project was obviously my DIY nightstand which took up the majority of my weekend (and week for that matter). Thanks by the way for the comments and emails! I’m equally as thrilled and must admit did a small happy dance when I entered my room and saw it sitting in all it’s glory next to my bed yesterday. Next on the list is getting a new lamp for the table (I’m thinking IKEA) and possibly a new alarm clock. My giant ancient black clock while functional is very non-asthetic compaired to my table now. This must be fixed. And possibly a new duvet cover…

I digress. Where was I?

Oh yes. Projects.

So my 2nd biggest project the past 6 days or so has been my Haiti Photo Album. Now, I know I mentioned last week somewhere that I am a glutton for punishment when it comes to displaying my photos. I insist on displaying them in a photo album the old fashioned way with captions so that the photo album isn’t just a random assortment of photos but rather a story of my trip from start to finish. I also like to do the captions so that years later I can pick it up and basically re-live the entire trip through photos. So, my Haiti album had to be just as, if not more, descriptive in what we did, what I saw, and how amazing of a trip it was.

So, once my 212 photos arrived from Shutterfly, I sorted them and typed up captions during my lunch break. I had picked up a photo album at Target  a few days earlier. So, all I really needed was some crafty inspiration.

As soon as 5:00 struck on Wednesday, I headed to one of the best craft store one earth, Hobby Lobby. I decided to scan the scrap book section just to get ideas. I didn’t want to go completely “scrap book style” with my photos but I did want  some sort of ambelishment to add to the background behind my photos. I found this little bag of assorted colors, acid free, thin tissue-type paper for $4.99 and I was sold. It was also pretty awesome that the entire scrap book section was 50%! So I figured $2.50 was a great deal.

I got home and opened the bag and this is what I saw…

In my package of “assorted colors”, almost 3/4 of the stack was mustard yellow. Don’t you just love when something says “assorted” only to find out it was assorted on the top and bottom where you could see and then the middle is ALL YELLOW? Now, I love yellow. But did I want my entire book to be yellow? Um…no. So, I did what I could with the colors I had and decided I’d hit up Hobby Lobby again later in the week to pick up another $2.50 assorted color paper package. I know it was a big gamble to get another package of “assorted” color paper but I was already 30 pages in. I couldn’t switch now!

The second time around was MUCH better. I may have shook, shuffled, and rifled every single bag to make sure I didn’t end up with all yellow again. Success!

So, to make a really long story  a little shorter, 7 days later, after hours of sitting in the floor cutting, arranging, matching colors, and gluing, I have 80 front and back photo album pages covered in photo paper, photos, and captions all made with love!

And now anytime someone wants to know about my trip and see what Haiti was like 3 months after the earthquake, I can hand them my book with a smile and say “Enjoy!”