Hello bloggy peeps! It’s Thursday and I’m finding myself having to reel myself in from all the directions I’ve been going in lately.

My first DIY project is about 75% complete and I am chomping at the bit to get it posted!! All this rain this week has really cramped my style. Also, this whole “working 40 hours a week” tends to get in the way sometimes too. But I am diligently working at getting it done and should be posting it MONDAY if all goes as planned. Please cross your fingers. And toes.

I ordered my Haiti pictures and received all 212 of them in the mail yesterday! So, I am officially putting my book together. I worked on it for about 3 hours last night and got 50 photos done. So, needless to say, I have a long ways to go! I know what you all are thinking. Hello?? There are websites like Shutterfly where you can make books, add captions, and save time! Why do it all by hand?? And I agree. They save time, look great, and would be a lovely keepsake. But I am an old fashioned person when it comes to photos. I like to see them displayed in an album with my own captions and layouts. So, that is that. I’m torturing myself because I can. I’ll be posting about my book when I get done in year 2012.

I’m trying to start running again but it’s not going so well. I think I took too long of a break. I miss running but running doesn’t miss me. Does that make any sense? When I get on the treadmill, my legs prfoundly say no while my head is saying yes. So bascially, I’m back to getting over “the 2 week hump”. So, I’m hoping to start new on Saturday morning with a 2 mile run to get started. Say a prayer that my legs agree.

I got halfway to work this morning and realized I still had on my “dog walking” shoes. Do you all have those? For me, they are my old pair of Adidas sandals that look horrible. I wear them because they can get wet and dirty when I walk him. Well in my rush, I walked out of the house in them. I had to turn around halfway down the road to switch my shoes. All I could think the whole time is “what a nerd.” Please tell me that has happened to you guys before?!?

I could really use some advice on this next one. I know many of you are already on the “always connected” bandwagon of fancy smartphones. But, hear me out. I’m getting ready to be eligable for a new phone in less than a month. Up until now, I’ve been completely against the always being connected way of life. I don’t want my email dinging at me on the weekends, or my phone buzzing everytime someone updates their status on facebook. I just think that those are unneccesary things that I don’t really feel the need to be addicted to. But lately, I have found myself thinking  “Man, if only I had internet on my phone, I could look that up” or “Gee, I wish I could shoot her a quick email about that”. So, my question for you:

Is being connected all the time all it’s cracked up to be?

Is there anyone out there who will admit that sometimes all the connectivity can be a burdon more than a convenience?  I’m contemplating upgrading to the more connected world and could use some advice. Are you for or against being connected?