When I first got the pug, I knew he would shed. No big deal, I thought. How bad could it be? Little did I know that shedding is his main job. I wouldn’t change my dog for the world but the shedding is enough to make me batty sometimes. I just want to give you a small idea of how much this small dog sheds. This is the pile of fur I accumulated from brushing him no more than 3 minutes.

It’s about the size of a volleyball. Yeah. That came from my small 21 lb. dog. Geez. He doesn’t shed this much all year round really. This is just the time of year when he sheds for the summer. So this is an exagerated amount. I’m seriously consdering shaving him. I know of a few people who shave their pugs and they say it helps with the shedding tremendiously! So, maybe it would be worth it. I know it would keep him cooler, for sure. Hmmm…

Here he is angry at me for brushing him. Don’t worry, a couple of treats later and it was like Shed Fest 2010 never even happened. You gotta love the unconditional love of a dog.