So, to all of you who were worried sick over the book I ordered getting to me in time (you know you all were), worry no more!  When Wednesday came and went and the book still wasn’t delivered, I emailed the seller I bought it from on to let them know that the book I ordered over 15 days before for the book signing I was going to Friday had not yet arrived and suggested he use mail confirmation in the future for his buyers. I was trying to be nice but the truth is, I was frustrated. Well a few minutes later, I get a very sincere email apologizing for the delay and also to let me know he had taken the liberty of ordering me the book on Amazon and had it overnighted in order to have it for my book signing Friday night. How nice was that?

So, Friday morning, my book FINALLY arrived! I was very happy to see it. Now, would it have been the end of the world if I hadn’t gotten it in time? No. I would have bought one at the bookstore while standing in line. But it was nice for it to arrive and it was one less thing for me to worry about.

Wednesday, I took my lunch break to run to the bookstore and get our line tickets. We were assigned group H. Pioneer Woman is popular. Therefore line tickets are a necessity! We arrived Friday evening to the bookstore, tickets in hand, we walked into the Joseph-Beth Bookstore and were greated by the other 200 women waiting to get their books signed.

While we waited, Ree the PW herself made an appearance long enough to twitter pic a shot from the balcony to tweet that she was nervous and her arm pits were sweating. If you read her blog, you totally get this.

See that pink umbrella on the right side? That’s me and Jessica’s heads directly to the right of it! Oh yeah! Pioneer Woman totally Tweeted us!

She came out and did a little Q&A session as well as sang a little Ethel Murman for us. If you read her blog, you also get this. Stole this pic from Jess. She has a fancy camera 🙂


Here’s us waiting in line once they called our group…

And here’s me getting my book signed…

mel and ree2

Isn’t she so pretty?? She claims it’s the Spanx and the flowy tops…yeah right…pretty sure most of it is natural…

mel and ree

I was completely star struck. I literally couldn’t say anything when she was signing my book. Everyone else was making small talk and thanking her. Me? Yeah, you could have heard a cricket. I mustered up a thank you and got up. What a dork. Here’s Jess getting to sit with the PW…

me and ree

The PW told her she liked her top!! What a compliment!

After meeting th PW, we headed to get some dinner and dessert. We decided to go to Amelie’s French Bakery for a little post dinner dessert and we were not the only ones! That place was packed! But little did we know, the PW was having Amelie’s too. She wrote a whole post in her cooking blog about someone bringing her a box of Amelie’s Pastries and she RAVED about our little hole in the wall french bakery giving us national recognition through her blog. Check it out here! 

All in all, we had a great time, Ree is pretty much the coolest blogger I have ever met, and my creme brulee from Amelie’s was awesome. I’d say the night was a success.