I don’t know about you, but my Mom is hard to buy for. I struggle with what to get her every single year around Mother’s Day.

This year, I found this great vendor JulietheFish on Etsy and I just fell in love with her work. You must check her out. She does hand stamped silver jewelry. Which means, you customize your order for whomever you please!

So, once I saw her collection, I knew that my mom would love one of her Mother’s Day pieces. So I ordered this little beauty…

A silver chain with the initials M, A, and C (our initials) stamped on 3 silver circles. I thought it was so delicate and simple. Very much my mom’s style. As I suspected, she loved it. It was a really great day to celebrate her and everything she does for us throughout the year.

P.S. I was in no way paid to promote JulietheFish Designs. I whole-hartedly love her work and am promoting her Etsy shop purely on my own free will and based on my own personal experience.

P.S.S. Check back tomorrow to see my post about meeting THE PIONEER WOMAN! 🙂