Praying is something we all should probably do more of. I try to pray before meals and whenever I feel overwhelmed with something. But I know there have been a few times where I have crawled in bed at night and I couldn’t even tell you if I went to the Lord in prayer that day. It’s something that gets put on the back burner in life way too much.

It’s just a regular day in May. Everyone is busy going to work, getting things done, trying to get ready for the weekend ahead. It also just happens to be the National Day of Prayer. Does that make today any different? Not really. It does draw attention to something we all too often forget about when life gets busy though. Is it so much to ask to stop for a few minutes and say a prayer? That’s something we all should ask ourselves.

Whether you have big things you need direction about or maybe you just want to thank him for the beautiful weather. We should always take a second and pray. So, say thanks and remember that our lives should never become too busy for a conversation with the Lord.

I know I’m trying make a more concious effort. I hope you are too.