When I was in Haiti a month ago (holy cow! I can’t believe that was a month ago already!), my feet had a rough week. Not only were we working 10 hours a day, but my poor toes were stuck in socks and tennis shoes for most of the trip. In case you didn’t know, Haiti is a REALLY hot country. We are talking  sweat while you sleep at night, fry an egg on the sidewalk, sunburnt in 10 minutes kind of hot. Well, you can imagine what happens to painted toes when they are forced into socks and tennis shoes each day in these blistering temps. Yeah, it wasn’t pretty. By the end of the week, my polish had melted each day into my socks. I had fuzz and cotton stuck to the tops of my toes and don’t even get me started on the dirt. And it wasn’t just me! All the ladies on the trip who had painted toe nails pretty much had this same problem.

So, when we arrived in Miami and found out we were going to be spending stuck 2 nights at a hotel 5 star resort, one of the first things that came to my mind was: “Where’s the spa and how much for a pedicure?”

Now, I’m a huge fan of pedicures. I don’t get them very often (maybe 3 to 4 times a year) but I absolutely LOVE to have my feet pampered. It’s one of the few things that completely relaxes me. In this case, a pedicure sounded wonderful. So, Lis, Char, and I made some appointments and went to have our feet pampered. The entire time the spa employees worked on our toes, we caught ourselves apologizing for our feet. We knew they were bad. But oh how wonderful it was to have them cleaned, rubbed, exfoliated, lotioned, and painted back to their original state. Pure heaven, I tell you! Had to have been THE BEST pedicure ever.

And what else made it the best pedicure ever? The fact that almost a month later and my toes still look just as wonderful. They may not be as soft as they were that day, but the paint on my toes still looks top notch!