The going away party was a huge success! We had plenty of food, lots of guests, and just an all around  great time! We had a lot of drop bys and then a lot of people stay and hang out all day. We really do have a great house to have a party. Plenty of sitting space, outside, and a porch to hang out with the grill. It was a lot of fun. The party was about 12 hours long! It was a lot of work though. We will probably wait a good while before we do another one. Maybe in the fall 🙂

Tonight, we told K that our plans were completely up to her. So you know what she decided? She wanted to go eat at her favorite place in Charlotte that they don’t have in Phoenix…

Yep. That is correct. She wants to go to the all you can eat pizza buffet for $5.99 as her last meal in Charlotte. Forget making reservations somehwere nice uptown or a place in Southpark. She wants Cicis. What K wants, K gets!

Then we are following it up with the season premiere of this gem of a show…

Since K is from New Jersey and actually KNOWS some of these ladies, I love watching it with her! I am truely going to miss our Monday nights.

Also on the schedule for this week is the book signing I’m going to on Friday with Jess! We are going to meet the original Pioneer Woman, Ree Drummond! I’m THISCLOSE to going postal on the vendor I ordered my book from almost 2 weeks ago though! It better show up before Friday or there will be words! Ok, maybe not words but I will be very bummed if I have to go buy the book before the signing only to return the one that comes in the mail. Ordering online is suppose to make things easier, right? Why does it always stress me out?

I also will have a recap next Monday about a little gift me and the siblings bought for my mom this year for Mothers Day. I have nothing but great things to say about the vendor on Etsy I ordered from and I can’t wait to rave about the little piece of heaven that came in the mail today! I of course can’t indulge any details because my Dad stalks reads my blog and if you know my Dad, well, you understand that things may slip. (love you daddy!)

But know that I’m very excited and have the post all ready to go live Monday morning!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!