Do you rememeber this post about my hopeful nightstand project?

Well, after weeks of watching Craigslist, I finally found THE ONE. I called as soon as I saw the picture and it was available. The very nice gentleman said he would hold it for me to come by. I rushed over right after work and paid my $15 for this little addition which I plan on fixing up quite a bit.

I know, not too impressive right now. But it’s solid wood and I see TONS of potential. I already splurged on my Anthropology knob which I have been oogling for quite sometime to go on the front drawer.

Adding this piece means minusing another from my life. I said fairwell to my trusty nightstand. It’s been with me since the beginning of my adult life and it was sad to see it go. It will make a lucky Goodwill shopper very happy though.

Along with my spontanious purchase comes the paint decision. What color?? I’m not going to give any hints till the big reveal but let’s just say it will be a “splash of color”. I’m mulling over about 3 colors at the moment. All different and all very vibrant. Hopefully I will be revealing my little DIY project next week sometime.

Here’s hoping I make it to next week! It’s allergy week for me. Most people have allergies for a season. Or when they travel to a place where the air quality is bad. But I have an allergy week. It happnes every spring and every fall. I have a week where my throat hurts, I sneeze, my eyes are wattering, and my head feels like it’s floating around. So, I’m poping the allergy meds, tylenol, and basically trying to get through this week.

Does anyone else have an allergy week or is this strange?

I’m off to do more research on my upcoming project. Tomorrow’s Friday – yay!