Everyone has something they wish they were better at or had a talent for. Mine is photography. While I love taking snap shots, I just lack in this area emensly! I want to take better pictures but I just lack the know how and the focus for it. I have many friends who are AWESOME at it including Charity who is green yet quite talented and Jess who is actually venturing out with a photography business. Mad props to both of them.

But even though I will most likely never be good at taking pictures and capturing really powerful moments on film, I do have an eye for it. I love admiring others photos. One of my new favorite things to do is look at the National Geographic Photo of the Day. There is nothing like capturing something in nature that is so moving that you can’t help but say “Wow, God is awesome.” And to me, the photographers at NG do just that. I like seeing photos of things I may never get to experience. In a way, experiencing the photo makes you feel like you’re there. To me, that’s a good picture.

Here’s today’s NG Photo of the Day. If you want to check these out daily like I do, you can get them here.

Photo: Green grassy field