A few rainy days
Getting to bed WAY too late 2 nights in a row
Not getting to see Mar on her bday
Waking up with a migraine on Monday

Haiti service on Sunday and seeing the team
Adding my Haiti pictures to the “Team CD” (so excited to see them all!)
Friend’s Birthdays this week – Mar & Mer 🙂
Sending a surprise bday gift to Mar she wasn’t expecting
Seeing bridesmaid buddies this weekend from Jess’s Wedding
The first spring cookout this weekend
First day back in the gym – turns out I remembered how to run afterall!
My overnight guest tonight – Lis!
Administrative Professionals Week = lunch at Macaroni Grill (YUM)
Getting to sit front row at “Curtians” the musical performed in Salisbury

What are your pouts and grins from this week?

Happy Friday!