Today is Administrative Professional’s Day, previously known as Secretary’s Day. They had to go all PC on the holiday name. Go figure.

Being an Administrative Professional myself, it’s nice to have a day that everybody kind of pats you  on the back and says thanks for all the little stuff. The little things like keeping the office organized, setting appointments, looking up directions while you are lost, and overall just trying to make things easier for everyone. As one of my emails read this morning:
“You are the glue that holds the office together. Without you there would be phones ringing off the hook, piles of papers, and dead office plants.”
We are the unsung heros of the work place. Ok, that last one for dramatic effect but you get what I’m saying.

So, if you have an Administrative Professional that helps you in any way from brewing the coffee each morning to screening your phone calls, make sure to thank them today!