I hope you guys enjoyed my little Haiti Recap last week. There was so much more I could have touched on that happened but I tried to keep it as brief as I could. Hopefully in the weeks to come, I will be able to mention them.

Something I wanted to mention as I try to wrap up what this trip meant to me, is the need for our help. Going as a teenager in high school, I feel like there were a lot of things that I missed that were so apparent to me going back as an adult. One of the things that really got to me on this trip is the need for the children in Haiti to attend school.

There are so many places that need help whether it be money, health needs, hunger relief, damage relief, the list goes on and on. But something that I really felt the Lord tugging at my heart about while I was in Haiti was the need that the children there have. They are the hope for Haiti. If that country is ever going to rebuild, they are going to need young, bright minds to rebuild their nation. And the first step in doing this is for them to go to school.

In Haiti, there are no public schools. All the schools are privately owned by churches mostly and tution is $300 a year. That is $25 a month for a child to receive a school uniform, a morning snack and a hot lunch each day, vitamins, books, and to help compesate the teachers. In Cite Soliel, at the church we support, there is a waiting list of 247 children. Why is there a waiting list you ask? Because these children can’t go to school unless they are sponsored. They need sponsors who will step up and say they will send a child to school through the 6th grade so they can have a chance at a better life. They need US to stand up and say that we can commit to giving $25 a month so a child in Haiti has a can receive an education which in America, we take for granted.

While we were in Haiti, many members of our team were able to meet in person the child they sponsor. It was so heart warming and touching to see them take photos with them, give them gifts, and love on them. In a way, they are their adopted child. It really tugged at my heart to see how happy the children who were in school were compaired to those who were not in school. The need is there. We need to fill it.

(Kayla and Morgan with the little boy they support together)

While I was in Haiti, I really prayed and asked God to help me take a leap of faith on this. I have committed to sponsoring a child. It’s a big financial commitment but it is a small way I can contrubute to one life, one family, and one future. I encourage you to do the same. If you are interested in sponsoring a child, please visit this website.


When you register through the website, you will recieve a confirmation and then within a few weeks, you will receive a picture fo your child. As you support them, you will receive report cards as well as updates on how the child is doing in school.  it’s a very rewarding experience to sponsor a child and know you had a huge part in their education.

I challenge all my bloggy peeps to consider doing this. Many of you may already sponsor a child from Haiti or maybe another country and if you do, that is awesome! If you have been wanting to donate to Haiti in some way, this would be a GREAT way to see your money at work. You will be able to see the money go towards a child and their education. I can’t express enough how wonderful the Haitian people are. Sending their children to school is one of the best things we could possibly do for this nation. Please consider it. Or better yet, pray about it and see how the Lord feels about it.