Well, the day has finally come! Tomorrow I fly out at 6:50am to the country of Haiti. I am beyond excited! I can’t believe it is already here. I’m so excited to go and be there.

Since I’ll be out of the country, I’ll be taking a week hiatus from my little blog. But I have great news! There will be a blog that we will be updating while in Haiti (hopefully). So, you can go read there each day to get the scoop on what’s going on with us, how our projects are coming, and how we are doing down there. My lovely bloggy and real life friend Charity Palmer from Palmer Ponderings will be updating the blog and keeping everyone in the know.


Also, if you want to add a few other Haiti related blogs to your blog-roll, check out these two guys. Nathan and Stephen are two twenty something guys from Macon, GA who we are going to be meeting up with down in Haiti. They have commited to be in Haiti for the next year to help with the relief efforts and organize the American teams (like us) who will be going down in 2010. They are funny and honest about their experiences and the video blogs will make you laugh.

Nathan: http://www.harvestforhaiti.com/blog.html

Stephen: http://stephenbyxbe.com/

So, as we get ready to fly out, this is my plea: PRAY.

Pray for:

our health

our safety

that the Lord will do great things

and that we will glorify him in every possible way through this trip.

I just want to thank everyone for thier support for this trip. Those of you who have donated to my trip through monetarily and moral support, all of the prayers and encouraging words, and most of all, for just being great people who have faith in the Lord and in his will.

I can’t wait to return with tons of blog-worthy stories about this amazing trip. Catch ya on the flip side bloggy peeps 🙂