I am determined to have a great day. You know why??

(and tomorrow, and the day after that, and the day after that…)

Last shopping day before my Haiti trip
(3 days till we fly out!!! Walmart, here I come!!)

A promise of Maggie Moos tonight after a little moving action
(M moving in+me helping=sweet reward!)

P.S. If you live near a Maggie Moos, I HIGHLY recommend their
Cinnamoo Bun Ice Cream.
I tried this amazing treat in Charleston this past weekend and it was the best ice cream I have ever had.
Hands. Down.
I got mine with a crushed up waffle cone in a cup.
I got the “Best Ice Cream Choice of The Night” Award.
It’s a badge I wear with pride.
I’m thinking of adding it to my resume.