This is the ONE picture I took this weekend. A little pre-run 6 am action before SPRINTING in the 40 degree weather to catch the shuttle to the other side of the bridge.

But I did it! I finished the race in 1 hour and 13 minutes. Not SUPER great but I was proud of it. I ran probably 5.8 of the 6.2 miles and I had a great time. I am beyond proud of the fact that I ran so much of it. All the training I did paid off and it was really great to reach a goal. I look forward to running and plan on hopefully doing another run in the fall or maybe mid summer.

Will I be going back for the Cooper next spring? FOR SURE. I had a great time! The group I went with was a blast, we stayed in a great place, and it was overall a wonderful weekend. The race was good, the company was awesome, and the city was wonderful. Only thing that could have been better? A little sunshine during the race. It was cloudy pretty much all morning. We also had a few busts when it came to restaraunt choices. But, overall, a great weekend.

Wish I could give more details but I’m crazy busy this week trying to prepare for HAITI on Saturday. But know that I finished the race, I made it back, and I’m grinning ear to ear today!

Happy Monday bloggy peeps πŸ™‚