Today. Is. My. FRIDAY! I’m pretty excited about it. I’m heading down to good ole Chuck-town tomorrow with a group of friends to get ready for this 10K that’s staring me down. I can’t wait to kick it’s butt. I love Charleston. I would love to live there someday. It’s on the water, lots of old town history and charm, good seafood, and pretty much just the cutest city ever. I mean any town with horse drawn carriage tours is pretty much at the top of my list of coolest places ever.

I’m really going to try to enjoy myself and not think about all the things I still have left on my to-do list before heading to Haiti next weekend. But I keep reminding myself that I will once again have my evenings back since I will be taking a running break. So, that makes me feel a little better.

We got an email telling us what project teams we will be working on in Haiti and it looks like I’m on the team that is rebuilding a wall. A. WALL. PEOPLE. That is some hard core labor. I’m so excited though! Shout out to our team leader b/c I know he reads my blog – Hey Denny! We are totally going to KILL this project. I know this because I bought the biggest trowel EVER. Please see exibit A below…

Kobalt 12" Brick Trowel

Yep, I should have some pretty big “guns” when I get back after slinging mortar and stacking block with this thing. But I really am so excited to be building a wall. I mean, as plain as that sounds, I can’t wait to be rebuilding something that is needed so badly. Some of my fondest memories of Haiti is stacking block and stiring mortar. Something so simple here in the states means the world to the Haitian people.

Well, I’m off to get some work done before I check out for the weekend. Make sure to check back on Monday for a Cooper River Recap! If you are interested in that sort of thing.

Happy Thursday/Friday 🙂