Week 11

  • Thursday: Ran 4 miles
  • Saturday: Ran 5 miles

Week 12

  • Monday: Run 4 miles
  • Wedesday: Run 5 miles

Well, 11 weeks down and I can see the light at the end of the tunnel! My running schedule has significantly slowed down as a result of the longer runs. I’m still trying to keep my stamina up by doing at least 2 more run days this coming week. I read recently that you shouldn’t run AT ALL the week before the race but based on the way I have been training with my long runs on Saturdays, I think running twice this week will be fine.

I want to thank all you guys for your encouraging emails and comments these past 12 weeks. It has been quite a journey for me and having the blog world to cheer me on has been a big source of encouragement. So thank you!!

Next Monday, I will let everyone know how it went and hopefully have a few pics to show for it!

For those interested, here’s the route (red arrows)

Here’s the bridge

And here is me when I get done…

Actually, it will probably be more like this…

Happy Monday 🙂