As promised yesterday, I wanted to share my Goodwill finds! When it comes to my trip to Haiti, there is very little that needs to be bought clothes wise. There were 2 main items I was on the hunt for. T-shirts and a long skirt.

So I was STOKED when I scored BIGTIME at Goodwill the other night! You might think it’s somewhat lame to share my Goodwill finds but I love a good deal. And these my friends, were enough to make me very happy!

It’s going to be a labor intensive trip which requires basically long pants and t-shirts. Unfortunatly, I really don’t have many t-shirts that I would want to get dirty, ripped, or otherwise dismembered while working. Not that any of this will happen…I’m just saying I’m expecting the worst of the work clothes. My t-shirt colllection has dwendled down to my favorites as a result of all the moves I’ve made throughout the years. So, I was in need of some shirts that could get dirty but also that I would possibly wash up and add to my colelction after I return. Wow, this is a long paragraph about t-shirts…here is what I found!

This isn’t the best picture but I found 4 short sleeve and a long sleeve! All in my size and cool enough that I would sport them after my trip. From right to left, a UNCC Volleyball shirt, a Providence Racing Sea Horses shirt, a UNCC Basketball shirt, a VERY COOL plain tie dye, and then a longsleeve shirt that says Eastfield with a paw print on the back. I probably won’t wear the longsleeve in the 90+ temps we will be in down there but it was still a good find! And at $2.49, you can’t go wrong!

Also, we are going to be attending church Easter Sunday. In Haitian culture, women wear long skirts and short sleeves to church. Well, being a bit short in stature (ahem), I own ZERO long skirts. So this has been my major goal the past few weeks. Find a long skirt that will be cool, easy to wear yet if it gets dusty and dirty, it’ won’t be the end of the world (i.e. costs very little).

I scored this GAP navy linen PETITE skirt for $3.75! Seriously, I was so excited! Not only do I not have to worry about hemming, every short person’s dredded destiny when it comes to clothes, but it has an elastic waste band (i.e. easy to move in) and it’s linen meaning it’s basically the collest temperature fabric ever. And it has this cool cut-out patern at the bottom to make it a little bit more feminine…

Perfection! Most exciting item of the day!

This next item was an added bonus! One of the things added to our list to take was a set of sheets and a pillow. With all the mission teams coming down in the next few months, they need to have some sets of these on the grounds to keep washed up and ready to put on beds. So, as I peruzed the homegoods section, I ran accross these…

A set of twin sized fitted sheet, flat sheet, and matching pillow case for $4!!

Overall, it was a huge success! I’ve always been a fan of Goodwill but this has to have been my most productive trip yet! You may be thinking, “Wow, it doesn’t take much to make her happy”. And yes, you would be 100% correct! The love of Jesus, some sunshine, and a good deal and I am one happy girl!

Sorry if this post was lame and boring. Am I right? Finding good deals is exciting stuff??

After work today, I’m heading home to D-town with the Pug in tow to visit with the family (whom I haven’t seen in over a month and a half), my wonderful friends, and to attend our big Haiti Team meeting Sunday to discuss the details. I’m really looking forward to it. And the added bonus…SUNSHINE ALL WEEKEND. Ahhh….

Have a great one! Check back Monday for my VERY LAST Cooper Update!