March 21 – Haiti Team Meeting in Durham, NC
March 27 – Cooper River Bridge 10K in Charleston, SC
April 2 – Former roomie M moves into the house!
April 3 – Leave for Haiti, RDU airport at 6:50am !! (YAAAAY!)
April 10 – Return from Haiti, RDU airport at 10:20pm (insert sigh of relief)
April 11 – a MUCH awaited hair appointment! YES!!!
April 23 & 24 – Weekend of Parties: Going Away Party for K and Birthday Party for M!
May 3 – K & S set out on their road trip to Phoenix, AZ!

Wow, I think I broke a sweat simply by typing all that. For details on everything listed above, check out this post.

Couple of random facts on this Friday:

LOVING IT:I started reading The Last Song. Great book!

STOKED ABOUT IT: Planning on running 5 miles this weekend.

READ ABOUT IT: Planning on doing a post next week about the church I have been visiting lately. I’m really liking it and I think God is doing amazing things there.

CONFUSED ABOUT IT:Where did my 71 degree weather go?
It’s not nice to tease, March.

THINKING ABOUT IT: Is it too soon to switch out my winter clothes and spring/summer clothes? I’m tempted too but I don’t want to do it too premature. Maybe just put all the heavy sweaters away as a compromise?

HAPPY ABOUT IT: It’s Friday. Another weekend ahead. When did I become one of those adults who lived for the weekends? Oh yeah..after graduation.