This was via email today with Mer…

Me: So, are you down for a Grey’s night tonight? I believe it’s a new one.

Mer: Sure, you want to come to my place since I’ll be getting home late from work?

Me: Yeah, that’s fine. You know what that means. I’m going to have to stop at Walgreens on my way…

*Disclaimer – Walgreens is conveniently on the way to Mer’s apartment. It also has my FAVORITE easter candy on sale right now for only 29 cents a piece!!!*

Mer: It’s ok…you’re running 4 miles today!

Me: SO TRUE. Thanks for justifying my post work out candy binge.

Mer: I do what I can!

1 oz. Dark Chocolate Marshmallow Easter Egg

Seriously, these holidays are KILLING ME. Please tell me you have tried these!!

Any holiday candies you are addicted to out there??