• Monday: Run 2 miles
  • Tuesday Rest
  • Wednesday: Run 3 miles
  • Thursday: Run 4 miles
  • Friday-Sunday: Rest

So, this week was pretty straight forward. Get. My. Run. On. Which I did. I didn’t really do a big run this past weekend and I’m ok with it. Despite the beautiful weather, we had some house guests this weekend and I just couldn’t pass up the social gatherings for lacing up my Asics. Sometimes fellowship trumps excercise. Escpecially when an invitation to THE ORIGINAL HOUSE OF PANCAKES is involved! I mean, do you see my delimma?

So this week, it’s more of the same. Running. Running outside hopefully. And probably a rousing afternoon of, you guessed it, more running. As excited and proud of myself as I am about keeping strong through this whole training process, I’m ready to run this 10K and have a break for a while. I’m not going to hang my Asics up for good but I am going to maybe drop down to a little lighter running schedule and maybe focus more on weights and other cardio. I’m defintley going to continue to run and maybe look for another race to enter this summer or fall. We will see!

So, back to the treadmill for me. 9 weeks down, 3 to go!