So, my bloggy peeps, I feel very overwhelemed with all the events going on this spring. Excited yet overwhelemed. They are all good things and I am looking forward to all of them. So here is a recap to fill you in on what I told you, what I thought I told you, and what I know I haven’t told you. If you are bored already, navigating away won’t hurt my feelings one bit.

Ok, here we go.

COOPER: I am still running. It’s getting tough to fit in runs and especially the running outside. Am I worried? Yes. But to be honest, I feel like I have already reached my goal simply by commiting to run and by training for 2 months now. I’m proud of my commitment to training, I’m proud of the 2 pants sizes I’ve dropped, and I’m really proud that I can run 3 miles and not pass out. So, whether or not I run the entire 10K really isn’t all that important to me anymore. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still going to try and I am still going to train. But if I get half way up that hill and my body says, walk…I’m going to walk a little bit. Then I’m going to run again. I just want to finish it in one piece and in a lot better shape than I did last time.

HAITI: Still going and couldn’t be more excited! Got the rest of my immunizations this week (Typhoid and Malaria) but luckily they are both oral and not shots. So lots of pill popping the next few weeks! Man, all this immunization stuff was so much easier when my Mom took care of it. I took it for granted (thanks for all you do, Mom!).  Anyways, 1 month from today, I will be on a plane headed to this country that I miss so much. I know  it seems strange to miss a 3rd world country but I do. Having been 3 times in high school, I can wrap my mind around the devistation and it is nothing but my heart’s desire to be on the ground doing what I can. I’m just so thankful for this opportunity to go. It’s going to be an amazingly hard, emotional, physically straining week and I am STOKED. Bring it on. I can’t wait to see God’s grace and mercy in action. So, lots of packing, pill popping, and praying these next few weeks in preperation! +5 alliteration points for me!

And for what I haven’t told you…

THE MOVE: Don’t worry. Not me. I’m not going anywhere. The roomies in the house I live in is another story. One of my two roommates decided last week that she is going to be moving to Phoenix, AZ. It’s kind of complicated why but let’s just say that moving out there will move up a ring and a wedding by a few years. So, she is making the treck out west. She is the one who actually owns the house so she is in need of a new tenant asap. So who better than my former roomie? I don’t know if any of you are even remotly interested but here is a quick review of my living situations the past 5 to 6 years:

  • 2002: dorm, freshman year
  • 2003-2005: 1st apartment, 3 other girls, sophomore & junior years
  • 2005-2007: 2nd & 3rd apartments with new fav roommate M, senior year and on
  • 2008: M lost job and had to move home, I found new roommates with room for rent in townhouse, K & S.
  • 2010: K (owner of townhouse) is moving, asked my former fav roommate M to take her spot.

All that to say, as of April 3, my old fav roommate M is moving in and my townhouse owning roommate K will be moving out west. So, our little house on Tiger Lane is going to be going through lots of changes. Lots of furniture coming in and out. Lots of hub-bub! The big move will actually be happening the weekend I leave for Haiti so I will miss it. But when I get back, it will be a world of a change! So, lots of mixed feelings. Sad to see K leave but STOKED to see M move in…I’m torn! S and I are just kind of along for the ride. Plus, K assured us that she will have a spare bedroom with our names on it anytime we want to make a visit out west! I’m totally on board with this little added bonus!

So, lots going on in the next 2 months. I hope I keep my sanity! Thanks for reading as I sort through my thoughts on all this. It’s quite confusing to say the least. Of course I spared you MANY details which are swimming around in my head and which are CRYING out to be put in a list somewhere. You better believe I will have 3 lists going soon on my computer to help with the 3 said springtime events taking place. Man, spring 2010 is going to be one for the books!

Now if only the weather will get on board. Snow yesterday? SERIOUSLY? Come on…