This past weekend, I did something I never did in the 4 years I was in college at University of North Carolina at Charlotte. With the lack of  the utlimate school spirit sport (FOOTBALL), UNCC just isn’t a sports orriented type school. So I was quite excited to attended my very first baseball game! It was a gorgious day out and one my roomies is friends with one of the UNCC baseball coaches. Well, he was kind enough to leave her 3 tickets at the door to come enjoy an afternoon of baseball. So we decided at the last minute to go! It was still kind of windy but sitting in the sun was SOO nice!

Check out that blue sky!

We played Buffalo and when we left 90 minutes in, the score was still 0 to 0. But the atmosphere was fun and it was cool to attend the game as a UNCC Alum, something I hadn’t done since graduating. I also caught a qucik pic of Norm the Niner, the UNCC mascot enjoying the game…

Despite the slow game, it was a beautiful day for baseball!