Dear February: Thank you for your participation in the yearly calander but frankly, I am SOOO over you.

Dear March: Let’s hope you  bring better days! I’m counting on YOU!

Dear Haiti Trip: You have NO IDEA how excited I am about you! I love God moments like the one where he picked me up and placed me directly in your path. I can’t wait to be awed daily in Haiti.

Dear Tetanus Shot: Yes, whiner-party-of-one here. I don’t care how much of a wimp I sound like. YOU. WERE. PAINFUL. It took me 7 days…YES, YOU READ THAT RIGHT…7 days to no longer feel pain from you. The huge swollen bump and the aching was not pleasant. Thank goodness I only need you every 10 years. We are NOT friends.

Dear 10K: I’m a little worried about you. I’m ready for you to be here and not come all at the same time. I have mixed feelings. I’m working through them.

Dear Dad: Thank you IMMENSLEY for the Starbucks card from V-day…you know the quickest way to my heart is through my caffiene fix. Love you!

Dear Bogart: Big 4th Birthday coming up! Please stop getting older. It’s not fair.

Dear Sunny Rainbow Fip Flop Weather: COME BACK!!