I. Love. The Olympics. I love watching people race down the mountians going close to 100 miles an hour just to win a medal by 1/100th of a second. I love to hear the stories behind people’s victories or the rise from defeat in their last competition. It’s motivating and I certainly am in awe of the dedication and passion the athletes have for their sports. So far, here are my favorite stories… 

Can we talk about how cute Bode Miller is??

Miller won his U.S. record-setting third Olympic alpine medal on Monday by claiming bronze in the men’s downhill. Not to mention he’s a dad to a little girl of 2 years old. He’s up for myore medals coming up later on in the winter games.

Let’s also talk about how cute Seth Wescott is?? And what a come back!

Wescott successfully defended his Olympic gold. Wescott, who started off the race in fourth, slowly advanced throughout the field until the end, when he narrowly defeated hometown favorite Mike Robertson on the final jump in the snowbard cross race. He was also born in Durham, NC. Whoop, whoop!

Go Scott!


I also want to mention Lindsey Vonn, American Gold medalist in the women’s alpine skiing yesterday. She has over come so many injuries and even skiied with a bruised shin in order to win her medal. In a race where over half of the skiers fell before even reaching the finish line, Lindsey made it down faster than ever and in one piece. So happy for her!

My favorite story so far though is about Canadian, Alexandre Bilodeau’s win on the moguls Monday.

Alexandre Bilodeau

His gold medal win was the first of Canada’s wins on their home turf. But even though the story of the 22 year old winning was great, the story of him and his brother is what was touching to me. His older brother Frederic has cerebral palsy and has been Bilodeau’s source of inspiration for as long as the skier can remember. To me, that’s what being great in a sport is all about. Being inspired by others.

What are your favorite parts of the 2010 Olynpics so far?