I’m 2 shots closer to going to Haiti! Monday, I went for my Tetanus and Hep A Booster.  Let me do a quick equation to show you the outcome:

(Tetanus +left arm)+(Hep A + right arm) = VERY SORE ARMS

2 VERY sore arms X 8 hours of sleep = SLEEPING ON BACK

Sleeping on back = NOT A GOOD NIGHTS SLEEP

Let’s face it. Sleeping on your back is NOT comfortable. I woke up every 30 minutes or so having rolled over on to one of my VERY SORE arms. Last night was night #2 of “back sleeping” and I probably got about 4 hours of sleep. As a result, my whole week has been thrown off. You know what I’m talking about? Ok, enough whining..sorry for the temporary whine-fest.

I have cavity free teeth!  I went to the dentist yesterday for my bi-yearly appointment and was given a clean bill of dental health. Why is this exciting you ask? Well, I very rarely left the dentist office as a child with this outcome. I had MANY shots of  novacane, many drillings, and many cavities filled. As a result, I am VERY picky about who my dentist is. Thus why I drive 40 minutes to see him…but that’s a whole other post. So, every time I go to the dentist and hear I don’t have to go through any of that, it makes me very happy! I don’t know if I don’t have anymore room for those cavities to hide or I’m just obsessive compulsive about brushing and flossing now. Either way, it’s great news!

I feel like I have hit a wall with running. I’m continuing to run but I feel like I’m struggling with the transition to outdoors running. I don’t know if I got spoiled having my iPod and the news to watch on the treadmill or what but I just don’t find running outside as enjoyable. I’m trying to push through it but I think I’ve finally reached that point where my progress is going to be slow coming. I guess I should have expected it!

The Olympics rock. I am loving watching the Olympics at night. Not only amd I totally jelaous of all the skiing, but I love how NBC has focused a lot on the stories of the athletes. I love to hear the stories behind their struggles and their wins. More on this tomorrow.

Russell Stovers has me hooked. Christmas, Valentines, and Easter. I recently picked up a few of these at the drug store…

1 oz. Dark Chocolate Marshmallow Heart

It’s a chocolate covered marshmallow. And to make it worse, I also picked up a few at Christmas when they were in the shape of Santa. And I will probably also pick up a few around Easter when they are the shape of Easter Eggs. They are addictive. And half price after the holiday. Don’t ask me how I know.

Bricks Breaking makes you smarter. Does anyone else love this game?? I’m mildly obsessed with it. I highly recommend you try it out!