• Monday: ZUMBA!
  • Tuesday: Run 2.5 miles
  • Wednesday: Elliptical 2 miles, Run 1 mile
  • Thursday: Rest (babysit)
  • Friday: Rest
  • Saturday: Run 2.5 miles OUTSIDE
  • Sunday: Rest

This was a TOUGH week. Not only did I have to back out of my Thursday run to babysit, but I was very intimidated about running outside on Saturday.  To be quite honest, the 3.5 mile kicked my tush last weekend. I really struggled with it. I think a lot of it had to do with the fact that I’ve been mostly running on a treadmill. I needed to get out and run outside. I need to get over the fact that my lungs feel like they are collapsing when I run in the cold weather and JUST DO IT.

So I did. I had planned on running 4 miles outside Saturday around my parent’s neighborhood. I actually only was able to pull out 2.5 miles. I completely under-estimated those hills and the transition from treadmill to outside. But, I was pretty proud of the 2.5 miles I did. I think that’s a pretty good start. I do know that I will begin running outside a good bit more. I may try and work in at least 2 outside run days a week.

Something else I didn’t anticipate happening was the pulled muscle in my left calf the first half of the week. I attended a Zumba class Monday and with all the jumping and dancing,I worked a totally different group a muscles than I do when I run. I continued to run on it and just kept a slower pace but it was really bothering me. By Saturday, it was a lot better but it still was not 100%. The 2 rest days in a row helped a lot. Today it feels a lot better. I don’t know if I’ll venture out to Zumba again this week though.

Many of you runners probably already know about this site but it has become one of my favorite resource websites when it comes to running. It’s called www.mapmyrun.com. You plug in the zip code you want to map a run in and then mark a start point and then map a route you want to take through the roads. It will track how long your run will be for you! It’s great for those of us who are trying to run outside but aren’t sure where exactly to start. I used it this weekend to map my Saturday run through my parent’s neighborhood. So check it out! Here is just an example of what the map looks like after you map it…

Also, for those of you who have fancy phones, I believe there is an app you can download to help you map it as you run, sort of like a GPS I guess. Pretty sweet, huh?

Well I’m halfway to my goal! 6 more weeks to go! I’m hoping that in these next 6 weeks, I will become more comfortable with long distance running and that I will continue to add more running outside to my weekly schedule. I’m going to have to adust me training schedule a bit to accomidate my transition into running outside. So I think I’m going to just atart with a goal of running 3 miles outside this week. If i can do that on Saturday, I will have officially run a 5k which is half way to my overall goal of a 10k! We will see how it goes!

Happy Running!