Today, I said goodbye to my old prom dresses. My parents moved a few years ago and with the move came “the closet clean out”. So, I had to get rid of a lot of old stuff from high school. These, however, I just couldn’t part with just yet. I loved all 3 of my prom dresses. They bring back really great memories for me. Donating them to Goodwill just wasn’t enough for me.

Here I am sporting all 3 dresses. Dress 1 was my Junior Prom. I loved the color of that dress! It was like a corally pink color.  It was my first prom and my Mom made sure I was VERY modest. I think it was actually a bridesmaid dress from David’s Bridal.

The 2nd one was a dress I wore to Riverside’s prom my Senior year. I actually got that dress off a sale rack for $12 the year before! You will also notice that I wore it without the straps…yeah, I was crafty! It looks purple but it was actually hot pink with a black overlay. I borrowed the gloves to complete the look.

The 3rd dress was my Senior prom dress and by far my favorite. It was slinky and covered in red glitter. I loved it! Come to think of it, I actually went to Haiti the week between dress 2 and dress 3 proms. Thus the darker tan in dress 3.

Last year I heard about an event called Gown Town here in Charlotte. They ask ladies to donate their gently used prom dresses, bridesmaid dresses, and evening gowns. Then they allow girls in the area who may not be able to afford a prom dress to come in and try on dresses and take one free of charge. Having been to 3 proms, I know EXACTLY how expensive dresses and everything else about prom can be. I thought this would be a worthy cause for me to finally say goodbye to my old dresses for. All I can do is donate them and hope that another young girl will have the chance to make great memories while wearing one of my dresses.

And since I’m sharing old prom pics today, here are a couple more I found from Junior and Senior proms. Some of you guys  may remember these 🙂