if not for love…so he can build me EVERYTHING on this blog!!


My dear friend Jessica showed me this website and I am SMITTEN, I tell you! This chic is awesome. She is a carpenter and will create “knock off” plans and instructions for making your own Pottery Barn and other Out-Of-My-Price-Range type home decor stores furniture! She creates her own plans and will give you the measurements and step by step instructions!

Here’s an example of how it goes: 

  1. Check out the Pottery Barn version if this entry way storage bench and shelf system:

       2.   Find the plans for it here: Storage Bench/Shelves Plans

      3.    And here is a photo of the home made version using her plans:

Pure. Genius. Check out her blog. She’s amazing! Also there is something about looking over plans written by a female that just makes me want to go to Home Depot. How empowering. Does anyone have a recommendation on a good drill? I’m in the market 🙂