• Monday: Run 2 miles
  • Tuesday: Run 2.5 miles
  • Wednesday: Run 2.5 miles
  • Thursday: Run 3 miles
  • Friday: Rest
  • Saturday: Run 3.5 miles (!!)
  • Sunday: Rest

This was my “Catch-Up Week”. No cross training this week, all running. But I felt like it had to be done if I wanted to hit 3.5 on Saturday. It worked out really well! I hit my 3.5! I did end up running it in intervals instead of pounding it out at the same speed but I still feel good about finishing it.

The new shoes? I. Love. Them. My back pain is gone, my arches feel more supported, and they are absolute heaven when it comes to cushion as I run. I’ve had a small amount of ankle pain from getting use to them but it hasn’t been too bad. I highly recommend Asics as your next pair of running shoes. I am 100% hooked.

Something I haven’t mentioned on here is my appetite. It is unbelievable since running regularly. I mean we are talking hungry every 2 hours. I know this is a good thing because it means my metabolism is moving faster. But I feel like a bottomless pit when it comes to snacks. So far, I’ve been having breakfast around 8, a snack around 10, lunch around 12, a snack around 2, and then dinner after my run. I drink water all day long and have cut out all sodas. I do allow myself a cup of coffee if necessary in the mornings. My new favorite energy snack are these:

4 Bar Fan Kid Clif Bar Case

These are the Clif Z Bars. They are small, loaded with vitamins and organic based ingrediants and great for a pick me up in the afternoon. They are 69 cents a piece at Trader Joes (but I’m sure they are anywhere energy bars are sold) and they are just enough to fill my stomach and give me enough energy to get through my run. They are also good for breakfast on Saturdays before my long runs. So far my favorites are the Chocolate Brownie and Chocolate Chip. I highly recommend them! They make regular ones for adults too. I just chose the kids ones because they are more the size of a snack.

This week, I’m hoping to hit 4 miles. And with the Cooper 7 weeks away, I’m starting to feel the pressure! But I’m excited and ready to get there.

Also, thanks to all the happy and encouraging comments the past few weeks! I appreciate them all! I hope my little running goal has inspired some of you to get out there and run. You won’t regret it! Happy running everyone!