Today, I became an American Red Cross Blood Donor. I joined thousands accross the country in giving an hour of my day and a bag of my blood to help others in need. And I must admit, it feels good to feel like my small donation will help someone in need.

I’ve wanted to give blood since I was in high school. But due to my mission trips to Haiti, was not elligible. Once you’ve gone to a 3rd world country like Haiti, you are not elligible to give blood for 5 years. This may have changed by now, I honestly amd not sure. But anywho, since I haven’t been in over 6 years, I felt it was time to give back by donating.

I strongly urge EVERYONE to give blood if you can. Only 3 out of 100 people donate blood on a regular basis in the US and I think that number is ENTIRELY too low. Something I didn’t know about blood is that not only are there certian types (A, B, O, etc.) but it can break down to even more specific types than that and you never know when your blood could be an EXACT match for someone who needs it.

For example, they told me today at the clinic that there is a lady that lives in Charlotte who gives blood every 2 weeks. She has a certain O- blood type that breaks down specifically into a category that matches a man in Texas who has Leukemia and needs blood transfusions weekly. She is the only one in all of the Red Cross Database who has this special type and her blood is basically keeping him alive. Isn’t that amazing?!?!

So, you never know. The way I see it, God created our bodies to reproduce blood so why not use that ability to help others. It’s a small way of helping but it is so rewarding to know that others in need are thankful for your small part.

Plus you get this really cool sticker…

Making an appointment is VERY easy these days. Got to and type in your zip code. They will give you the locations nearest to you and even let you make an appointment online. You need to be at least 17 years old, weight 110 lbs., and in good health to be eligible to donate. It’s that simple!

Happy Friday Everyone! 🙂