Kelly over at Kelly’s Korner did a post on Simple Pleasures today and I thought I would join in and link up! Here are a few of my Simple Pleasures…

Being greated by my sweet puppy dog when I get home.

Getting a “just thinking about you” text, email, or card.

A cup of ice cream on a warm summer night.

Sitting on the beach in the summer with a good book.

A day with friends shopping, lunch, and laughing.

Really long hugs that leave you feeling whole again.

The silence of a snow covered neighborhood at night.

Getting a REALLY great deal on a large ticket item.

Eating candy at the movies.

Getting a pat on the back from your parents.

Fitting into a pair of your skinny jeans.

Laughing really hard.

Finishing a project and being proud of yourself.

Using all those coupons you clip on Sundays.

Sleeping on fresh, clean sheets for the the first night.

Wearing your favorite pair of shoes on a nice day.

and of course….

My weekly trip to Starbucks 🙂

What are your Simple Pleasures?