I’m not going to get on my soap box today about the Haiti tragedy but all I have to say is that God uterly amazes me. Speaking as someone who has been to Haiti to do mission work and someone who has seen the people living out of cardboard boxes, using the same “river” to bathe, cook, and drink from, and basically survive on as little as you can possibly imagine, I think it is AWESOME that they are getting so much attention and help. Finally. This country has needed help for so long and I hate that a 7.0 earthquake is what it took for them to get some much needed attention worldwide. I love how the US took a stand and began helping as soon as possible. I love how there are so many organizations sending aid and financial support to these poor people. And I truely believe that this earthquake was the Lord’s was of waking many of us, myself included, up to the reality that these people live every single day.

Ok, maybe I stepped on the soap box a little. It’s hard not to when it comes to Haiti…

In other news, I commited the ultimate laundry fo-pah this week. I turned my whites pink by accident Monday night. I should have taken a picture but was too embaressed to capture it on film. In close to 15ish(?) years of doing my own laundry, this is the very first time this has happened. I accidentally threw in a RED christmas table mat that had fallen to the bottom of my hamper in with my whites which including 4 of the 6 pairs of brand new running socks I purchased 2 weeks ago, my most favorite white long sleeve shirt, and 3 of the 4 white tank tops I own. They are all a lovely shade of pink. And to make matters worse, I realized this AFTER DRYING THEM. Yep. It’s completely set in. After some googling this morning, the majority vote is on Rit Dye Remover which is located in the laundry detergent section of the grocery store. I’ll be trying it out this weekend. I’ll give you a status on my favorite white/pinks next week. Please tell me I’m not the only one who has done this??

Do you remember after Christmas when I posted about the new running shoes I had purchased? Well, I actually haven’t purchased them yet. I had fully planned on it but didn’t want to buy them for sure untill I knew this running thing was going to stick. Well now that it has officially stuck, I need these DESPERATLY. My old shoes have been working great up to this point but recently I have been leaving the gym after my runs with a lot of lower back pain. So, this weekend, it’s off to the shoe store! Let’s hope they help…a lot!

Not much on the agenda this coming weekend. Some cleaning, some running (3.5-yikes!), some shopping for the formentioned item, and probably some hanging out with friends. A low key kind of weekend. My favorite kind.

They are calling for a wintery mix Friday night into Saturday so I may be enjoying a Friday night in. We will see!