While crusing my weekly blogs, I stumbled accross this little gem of a recipe on Quite Contrary’s blog last week. I’ve been looking for a new breakfast food to try on busy mornings when I don’t have time for cereal and oatmeal isn’t appetizing. These are perfect!

I made them this weekend but the photos are from QC’s blog just to give you an idea. You can get the full recipe at her blog. I tried mine with the Southwestern Eggbeaters to add a little more flavor and they are UNBELIEVABLE! After baking them, I let them cool and then stored thim in some tupperware in the fridge. I pop 4 or 5 in the microave for 20 seconds in the morning and I’m off to work! I highly recommend you try them if you are looking for a new breakfast food. High protein, low carb, and oh so YUMMY 🙂