• Monday: Rest
  • Tuesday: Run 2 miles ( 12 minute mile)
  • Wednesday: 35 minutes Elliptical training
  • Thursday: Run 2 miles (12 minute mile)
  • Friday: Rest
  • Saturday: Run 2.5 miles (12 minute mile)
  • Sunday: 45 minutes Elliptical training

This week I felt like giving up I could feel the burn.  I’ve always believed the 2nd week back when working out is tougher than the 1st. The “hype” has worn off and you are starting to get in a groove. It’s basically the point where people start to second guess their decision to remain commited to their goal. Luckily, for me the YMCA dues being deducted from my account each month is enough motivation for me to stay commited!! Well, that and the fact that I officially registered for the Cooper River 10K in less than 3 months. I guess it’s a done deal!

The toughest day was Thursday. I made a solid decision that day.


I thought I was going to be sick. But I finished the run without walking any of it. I never got sick but I sure I thought I was for 3/4 of my run! But I finished and didn’t stop. Which I must admit I’m pretty proud of.

Check back next week when I conquer the 3 mile mark. I’m taking my time working up to 6 miles. I want to be able to get down to a 11 minute mile. That would put me finishing the race right at little over an hour. Which would be AMAZING considering I finished in 2 hours 2 years ago when I walked most of it.

Are any of you working on training for a run this spring? I know Brooke is training for a 1/2 marathon. More power to you Brookie!