It’s hard for me to write a happy post today when there is so much turmoil going on in Haiti still. I found myself weeping at my desk this morning as I read an email from Pastor Leon Dorleans in Haiti. He has been sending an emails back to the states recounting what he has seen throughout the day and to assure us of his well being. He describes the sadness he feels when he sees all the dead bodies in the streets of Port-au-Prince. He describes how he has seen an increase in people turning to church and turning to the Lord in this time of need. Then he told us that Boozlow, a dear friend and interpretor for us on so many of our trips, was found dead.

My heart cries for that nation. For many people, the Americans getting out of Haiti and back to the US is a big priority. While I think that is very important, all I can think about is all the people of Haiti who have no escape. No way out. No plan of evacuation. My mind all day long has been full of nothing but wonderful memories of my trips to Haiti. Memories of making balloon animals for young children. Thoughts of singing hymns on Easter morning with 300 Hatians surrounding me singing along. Memories of the thankful families we built houses for. Taking pictures with children in the orphanages and just loving on them. All I can think about is “are those children still alive?”.

As much as they need donations, its hard for my heart to feel full by donating money. After having been in that nation, all I want to do is jump on a plane and help in any way I can. It’s difficult to watch the news and see so much devistation and know that all I can do is donate funds at this point. I know that relief efforts are underway and we are sending supplies as quickly as we can. But why does that not comfort me? Why do I feel like there is so much more I could do if I could just be there?  Where would I sleep? I don’t know. What would I eat? I don’t have a clue. But there must be more I can do.

For now, donations are essential. My home church has partnered with Stop Hunger Now and they are taking donations at this website. Please give what you can. And remember that the American dollar goes a LONG way in Haiti.

Please keep them in your prayers and remember to be thankful.