Here a few of the Pretty Things I got for Christmas or purchased with Christmas $. I am so very blessed and “Santa” was WAY too good to me!

First off, I bought this wallet which I have been eyeing at Target for quite a while with a giftcard from my Secret Santa at work…

My Mom loves to get my sister and I a Vera Bradley piece every year as our bigger gift. This year, she got me this little beauty. I LOVE IT!

Also, something not pictured but I got was a variety of SCARFS! By now, you all should know my obsession. I got a handmade scarf from my roomie, a black scarf with flowers from my Mom, and a black scalloped scarf from my grandmother! They all know the QUICKEST way to my heart 🙂

Santa put some Christmas mulah in my stocking which I used to purchase these 2 things…

This Kenneth Cole Down Coat in Champagne, not Black. And I got it at an After-Christmas Sale! I love buying things at half-price! It is the warmest coat EVER!

And a new pair of Asics running shoes for my #1 New Years Resolution. These were deperatly needed!

I also picked up this little baby with a giftcard from my aunt! Also for said resolution…

I really was blessed with so many nice things this year and I look forward to using all of them!

I know it’s a little late but…what did Santa bring you?