Well, tonight is the end of 2009. I’ve had a good year. I can’t complain. I would say I grew a lot personally and the Lord has taught me a lot this year.

  • I saw my family go through a lot changes and I saw myself be effected by the changes. I learned that the storms of life will pass. And for the most part, the storms of this year have.
  • Got to see my little brother graduate high school
  • Got to see  (and be a part of) 2 of my best friends get married (June & October)
  • Got to go to Dinsey World with my family.
  • Got completely surprised by a beach trip for my 25th Birthday by my wonderful friends.
  • I learned that I still don’t know what path the Lord wants me on. But I also learned that in the meantime, he will provide.

But as I look forward to 2010, here are some personal goals I want to strive for:

  1. Run The Cooper River Bridge Run in March. And I do mean RUN the entire 10K.
  2. Continue to stay healthy and fit.
  3. Focus on spending more time with God through reading the Bible. So many times I let this slip my mind.
  4. Start seriously saving toward my future…whatever it may be!
  5. Find a church home and become a member. Sad to say, I still haven’t done this even though I have lived here for 6 (going on 7 years) now!
  6. Organize. Organize my stuff, my life, and my future goals.
  7. Get better at taking pictures. And be in more pictures. (*This one is tougher than is sounds!)

That’s all I can really think of right now. But if I think of anymore I’ll add them! I hope everyone has a wonderful New Years Eve and is looking forward to 2010. I know I am! I have a feeling this year has a lot in store for me.  And I couldn’t be more ready.