I woke up with a full blown frog in my throat yesterday morning. And it sounds like the frog I had yesterday has a brother down in there today. I just love answering the phone with a 65 year old smokers voice. I get lots of funny reactions. Here are the top 3 from today:

“You know, a shot of bourbon would fix that right up!” Darn, forgot my flask today…

“Are you getting sick?” Nope, I just enjoy sounding like a man!

“Wow, you sound horrible!” Thanks. Merry Christmas to you.

Despite my best efforts of drinking tea, popping cough drops like crazy, taking cold medicine every4 hours, and drinking fluids like my Mom always told me, it sounds like this frog has settled in through Christmas. Awesome. I don’t particularly feel very bad though. Or maybe that part just hasn’t hit me yet.

Other than this inevitable cold, I’m looking forward to heading home for Christmas tomorrow. I have all my gifts wrapped and ready. I do this because usually when I get home, me and my sister wrap all of the gifts for my mom. Some years I wrap my own shirt boxes. Do I peak? Nope! I contain myself. What fun would that be??

I also spend Christmas Eve shopping with my Dad. He doesn’t go shopping for my Mom until Christmas Eve every year. And then he looks at me like I should have a plethera of ideas for the hardest woman to buy for on the planet. I always tell him I used all my good ideas already! We always manage to figure out 3 or 4 things that she really needs though and it always works out.

My favorite was the year my Dad bought her Crocs. Her face was PRICELESS! She looked at him and then looked at me like, “You let him buy these?” Then she point blank asked for the receipt! She didn’t return them though…she uses them to walk to the dog so it really did turn out to be a good gift! My Dad has a good eye at times. Even when she doesn’t think she needs something, he usually is right.

Along with the last minute shopping and wrapping which I get roped into every year, there will be some birthday celebrating for my “little” brother who turns 19 on Christmas Eve and towers over me. There’s the Candle Light Service at church and then a trip to go look at Christmas lights. Then we watch a movie (usually A Christmas Story) and go to bed.

I think it’s the little things that make the season so traditional. It’s what we remember most about celebrating Christmas. Some things never change. For now anyway!

I hopefully will be posting a little over my Christmas vacation but no promises! Merry Christmas Blogosphere!

Love, Melanie and the Frog