Dear Christmas Shopping: I did it again. I put you off to the last weekend before Christmas. I always vow not to let this happen but it does. There’s always next year!

Dear Bogart: I apologize for the traumatic nail trim vist yesterday to the vet. Was it really necessary¬†that you wailed and howled like that though? Such a drama-pug…

Dear Fam: I can’t wait to spend a week with you guys! Nothing like a road trip to Nashville to bring on the family love!

Dear “Winter Mix” for Saturday: Can we just forget about the “mix” part and just stick with the snow part? I can do without the freezing rain and sleet. Thanks!

Dear Parents: I’m a little worried about what’s under the tree this year. You usually ask what I need or would like. This year…nothing. You didn’t ask, you didn’t pry. Lots of surprises in store for Dec. 25 this year I believe…

Dear Air Bag Sensor: Thanks again for deciding to turn off all by yourself. I appreciate you going off on your own. You’ve given me back 3 hours on a Saturday in January.

Dear Christmas: Please don’t go by too fast. I’d really like to enjoy you this year.