One of my pet peeves about cheesy Christmas movies is when the main character smiles with a big grin and rosie cheeks and says “It’s a Christmas miracle!” It cracks me up! Seriously, this line is hillarious to me for a few reasons.

For one, miracles happen all the time. Not just around Christmas. So calling it a Christmas miracle doesn’t make it any more special. And second, they usually say it over something that is SOOOO not a miracle! I was watching a movie Sunday inwhich the main character gets home to to find that their house had been decorated in Christmas lights. She gets out of the car and exclaims “It’s a Christmas miracle!” Ok, no it’s not. That is not a miracle. A virgin having an imaculate conception and giving birth to the baby Jesus is a Christmas miracle. Not your Christmas lights.

I say all that to tell you, I witnessed my own little “Christmas miracle”. And what’s worse is that I totally said the line. Outloud.

About 2 months ago, I turned on my car and saw this on my dashboard…

Now, this happened to me before back in the spring. Since my car is still covered under warranty, I took it to the dealership, they checked the sensor and made sure the light went off. They told me sometimes the senors will trigger and come on due to hitting a large bump or jarring it. So it was simple and a free fix. Well when I saw it come on again, I figured it was the same thing and I would take it eventually. Well the dealership isn’t exactly close by. It’s a good 30 minute drive out of the way. With all the traveling I’ve been doing, I just haven’t had a Saturday to go get it checked out. It is rather annoying though to see it glaring up at me every day. But I had just figured it would have to wait till January.

Well yesterday, I got in my car, cranked it up and realized my dashboard was not lit up at all. Which means the sensor had turned off on it’s own! I smiled really big and said to myself in my car:


I totally commited my ultimate Christmas movie cheesy, corny, pet peeve and said the line. Ok, it may not be a miracle but more of a blessing. Don’t you just love when little things like that make your day? It totally made mine.