Well, we made it to Friday! I’m all for the holidays and I always complain about how fast it goes by. But this week has been DREADFULLY slow for me! Anyone else?

I’m currently fighting a headache induced by a combination of flourescent lights, the computer screen, and the head cold I’m trying to ignore into oblivian. But it’s Friday and that’s reason enough to ignore the headache and smile!

Tonight is my work party. Like most companies, we are scaling back this year and opted for a little non-traditional dinner out at Azteca, a local mexican restaurant. Ole! I’m looking forward to it! I’m also house/dog sitting this weekend for a friend’s parents while they go to cheer her on in a half marathon she is running in Kiawah Island, SC. More power to her. I think I’ll stay inside this weekend where it’s warm.

Which brings me to my Saturday plans, also known as “THE BAKING EXTRAVAGANZA!!”. Yes, the 2 exclimation points are necessary. Since I am house sitting with a kitchen at my disposal for an entire 2 days, I am taking full advantage. I’m baking all of my holiday cookies and goodies which I give to friends each year. Usually I stick to simple cookies and rice krispie treats but this year I thought I would go all out and make 3 different types of cookies and possibly some brownies.

Part of the baking will be for the 2nd Christmas party I’ll be attending tomorrow night at a friend’s house. Usually it’s a “Friend’s Thanksgiving” type party but due to some traveling they had going on, it got post-poned into a “Friend’s Thanksgiving/Christmas” get together. We are still doing the fried Turkey of course except this time they will have a Christmas tree up. Good times. I can’t wait!

I would promise photos on Monday but I’m worried I will jinx it. So, lets just cross our fingers and hope to remember to pull the ole Olympus out and get some pics of the fun times!

So, happy Friday to you guys! May your weekend be full of Christmas cheer! And God bless us, everyone!

Too far? Yeah, I thought so…