One of my favorite Christmas decorations is the Advent Calendar. Shockingly, I don’t own one. I think it’s because I think of it as more of a family type decoration. And since for now it’s just me and my Pug, I’ll wait to invest in one later in life.  But for now, here are some of the crafty, cool, and clever Advent Calendars I have come accross this year!

This one is made with baby food jars! Just paint the lids and unscrew each day to find a surprise. Found here.

Dec.2 001

This one is made of a muffin tin and some cardboard squares with magnets! I love how they decided to put notes in each day to do something different like “bake cookies” or “sing christmas carols”. Found here.

Here’s one made out of jewelry boxes. Attach a magnet to the back of each box and you can make whatever shape you would like on your refrigerator. Clever! Found on Etsy.

Funky U-Fill Magnetic Christmas Advent Calendar

Funky U-Fill Magnetic Christmas Advent Calendar

I found this one here. It’s a very creative spin on the advent calendar. Use numbered paper cones to hang on a tree and put surprises in each cone. Love it!

And this one may be my favorite. Also found on Etsy. The Pug would be a BIG fan of this one.

Advent Calendar Doggie Christmas Countdown