So you should have known I wouldn’t let December go by without a “Oh let me count the ways” post on the most wonderful of seasons! So here are a few reasons I love Christmas 🙂

1. A good reason to be crafty.  I’m thinking of trying a variation of these found at Kelly’s Korner. Aren’t they cute?

2. The baking. I always designate a Saturday to do all of my holiday baking. Baking cookies for friends is a big thing my mom always did and I still love the tradition. This Saturday is my “Baking Day”. I can’t wait!

I’ll be making some of these…which oddly enough require no baking.

Some of these…a classic & favorite by all.

And this yummy new recipe which I can’t wait to try! Found here.


3. The lights. There is nothing like getting bundled up, piling into the car, and driving through the tackiest neighborhood in your town. We do it every Christmas Eve.

4. The Christmas parties. I usually make it to 3 parties a year including my work party (which is this weekend) and then a few friend parties. There’s nothing like getting to spend time with people who you love and appreciate all year long! This year, our work party is at a Mexican Restaurant.

Ole’ Santa!

5. The Christmas Movies. Ok, I know I already talked about my love for Christmas movies in a previous post but this is a whole other side of Christmas movies. I love how you can turn on the TV at night after a long day and find a cheesey, corny Christmas movie on somewhere the entire month of December. Just last night, I found “All I Want for Christmas” with the young Thora Birch. What a cute movie!


 6. Christmas Music. When I was a kid, we began listening to Christmas music in September due to the DCP (which you will read about below). So, every year, I am chomping at the bit to hear the Christmas tunes come through the radio! Some songs can be retired though. Like Wham’s “Last Christmas”. I would be perfectly fine if they never played that song ever again! But bring on the Michael Bubble “Let It Snow”! What a cutie!

7. The Christmas Decorations. From the Christmas tree to the little knick knacks you set around yoru house, I love decorating to make the season more festive. We put up a small tree at our house which I have yet to take a picture of. But my most favorite tree of all is this one I got to see last year in Rockafeller Center. They know how to decorate!

8. The Christmas Pageant. Most of you know about the Christmas Pageant or as we call it the DCP for short. But for thoase of you who don’t, the DCP is the Christmas Pageant my church from home puts together every year. My parents co-write the script and my dad directs it. This year is the 20th Annual Durham Christmas Pageant and it is a tradition many people continue every year, both attending it and being a part of it. It is a great blend of Christmas music with the Christmas story. I was in it my entire childhood and now I enjoy going back and taking friends to see it each year.

If you are in the North Carolina, you should make the trip to Durham next weekend to check it out! Learn more about performance times and tickets by going here.

9. Family. There’s nothing better then walking into my parents house, the Christmas tree lit, the apple cinnimon candle burning, a Christmas special on the TV, a fire in the fireplace, and the hug of your parents welcoming you home for Christmas. One of the top 10 moments of the year for me!

10. The Nativity. My favorite part of Christmas is of course the Christmas story. Afterall, it is the reason for the season! Corny I know, but oh so true! Make sure to keep your Christmas in perspective and remember that no matter what, celebrating this is what matters.