Greetings bloggers! I’m back from a fun weekend of cleaning, babysitting, and footballing.

After 3 weekends of traveling, it was nice to stay home and get some cleaning done. It was starting to get to me. I’m not really a clean freak but there comes a point where I can’t take it anymore! And that point hit about a week ago. So after vaccuming, dusting, and windexing every square inch of my tiny space, I was satisfied!

I then got to go babysit 2 of my favorite little boys and see their NEW PUPPIES. Being the sweet family they are, they took in a VERY pregnant stray about 2 months ago. She had 8 puppies a month later. It still baffles me that this little dog could have 8 puppies! After seeing pictures of them for a few weeks now, I was so excited to get to see them in person. Here are a few of the pics I took…

There are 3 black ones and 4 white ones. 4 boys and 4 girls.

Here is Molly the mom with her babies. They believe she is Beagle and Duchsund. They aren’t sure what the pupies are mixed with…

Their coloring looks more like Duchsunds…especially the black ones. Look how cute! They just opened their eyes a few days ago.

Their profiles look more like Beagles though. They were precious.

They’re only 4 weeks old and but will be ready for new homes in another 4 to 6 weeks if anyone is interested! I think there is an adoption fee to cover the cost of shots. Let me know if you  are in the Charlotte area and are interested!

I also got to go to the Panther’s game yesterday with my roomies and a former roomie! Some tickets opened up at the last minute and we decided to go. It was a bit cold but we had a lot of fun none the less. In order to avoid the bag check line, I didn’t bring my camera along so no pic. I really need to get better with the picture thing…

After seeing 2 football games in a row last weekend and this weekend, I’ve discovered I’m some what of a “football fill-in”. I have friends with tickets and when they have an extra, I’m the go-to person to fill the seat usually. I got to see the State game last weekend with friends and the Panthers this week. I like how this fill-in thing works out in my favor! I think I’ll keep the title.

Happy Monday all. I cheers you with my coffee cup to a good week ahead!