Do you ever have those days where life smacks you right in the face? It comes to you in the form of your bank account, or your calendar, or your job and looks you square in the eye and says “WAKE UP!” Yeah, I had one of those kind of days today. And as a result, I had to back out of some plans I had really been looking forward to. I hate doing that. It’s right up there with visit the dentist. I just hate having to change my mind about plans based on something like money or my schedule. In this case, the sight of the holidays, extra trips out of town in the next few months, and trying to save up for a big trip prohibited me from sticking to my original plan. I had to back out. And I hate that I did. But it is one of those things. Sometimes the right decision is not the popular decision. But it’s part of being an adult.

Luckily the person I had to break the news to is one of those people who loves me no matter what and will forgive me in no time. One of those people who is bummed about the plans being changed but understands. She’s cool like that. Doesn’t make it any easier though.

Sigh. Can I go back to the days where my mom handed me $20 for gas money for the month and it actually filled my car up with extra for me to get a coke and candy bar? Those were the days. Don’t you wish you could go back to those days when you didn’t realize how good you had it? Every now and then I sure do!

Anyways, in other news, I got Bogart’s $1 Christmas Bandana yesterday and it is ADORABLE! I’ll try to get a picture to share with blog-land. I’m considering getting one for the other holidays. Is that a crazy dog person thing to do? Probably…

Well back to the grind. Just wanted to vent.