Dear Starbucks Carmel Apple Spice: You are heaven to my tastebuds! I love your close friend “the latte” but you are exactly what I desire on a crisp fall morning.

Dear Holiday Season: You are creeping up and I already feel the pressure to begin the master list of gifts to buy. Thanks for that.

Dear Pug: I love you. Sorry about the hotdog costume but you look too cute in it for me not to put it on you on Halloween day. Don’t worry, I won’t make you answer the door when the trick-or-treaters knock. But I will be taking more pictures. And possibly some video. But after that, the hotdog goes in the closet, I swear!

Dear Fleas I have been attempting to kill for 2 weeks: I HOPE YOU ARE ALL DEAD. (Cross your fingers, everyone!)

Dear State Fair: I will see you again this SUNDAY. Check back tomorrow for a post on why…