Megan at Tales of Trees did an OPEN TAG for anyone who needs inspiration to take part in  THE FIVE OBSESSIONS LIST. Since I’m hurting for a topic on this Tuesday in October, I thought it looked fun! Here we go…

1. ALL THINGS FALL. At the moment, I am loving everything that has to do with fall. Pumpkins. Changing Leaves. The crips air. Apple Cider.

Pumpkin Patches

Pumpkin Patch 4 oz. Filled Candle - Slatkin & Co. - Bath & Body Works

Pumpkin Patch Bath & Body Candle – LOVE IT!

Charlie Brown & The Great Pumpkin…need I say more??

2. GILMORE GIRLS. Ok, this is a guilty obsession of mine. You know how you watch the first season of a show, you decide it’s pretty but good but you can take it or leave it. So you quit watching. Then about 5 years later, you catch the last few episodes of the last season on repeat on ABC Family at 6pm so you end up watching. This is what happened to me and Gilmore Girls. I saw the first season and last season. So now, I am catching up on the middle via Netflix. Corny, I know. Don’t laugh. I have to know what happens!

3. MONEY SAVING TIPS. I’ve turned a new leaf. It’s time to start being smarter about my money and it’s time to start growing my nest egg. So I’ve been into coupon clipping, cutting corners, and being thrifty all around! If you have any good tips or ideas on this, send them my way!!

4. WORKING OUT. This is still an obsession for me. Right now, I’m on a elliptical kick. I got on yesterday with a W Magazine and my iPod and I was completely ZONED OUT for a solid hour. I looked up twice to see how long I had been on and the first time it had been 20 minutes. The second time it had been an hour and I had burned 620 calories. First time EVER I was not staring at the clock wishing it would move faster.

5. BAKING. Fall makes me want to bake. So the next couple of weeks I will be baking a few of my favorite sweet goods for friends and family. Maybe some pumpkin bread and cookies! I might invest in this ADORABLE pumpkin cake tin…how cute?

So that’s my 5 current obsessions. I’m going to tag:

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