After this long week, there is no rest for the weary this weekend. My days will be jam packed with traveling, crafting, football gaming, and showering. I’m heading up north for a night in D-town to enjoy some football with one of my very favorite people! I also am going to another shower for the October bride. This time, it’s a tailgate themed shower which is going to be so fun! I am currently working on a little craft project which will be part of their gift and I can’t wait to post pictures of it Monday!

I’m also having my mom take in my bridesmaid dress while I’m there for the weekend. She’s such a lifesaver!

The game is going to be lots of fun! Going to a college where there was no football team has really made me realize how much I really missed out on the whole “football fever” people get in the fall. I think I’ve caught it! I’m really excited about the game. I’m going with an alum from the visiting school but I secretly might be rooting for the home team. Shhhh…don’t tell anyone 🙂

Who will it be?


We shall see! I will be back with lots of blog-worthy photos on Monday!